Paulo Domingos M. is a Washington DC Area-based,  Fashion Stylist, Fashion Artist, Personal Shopper and Jewelry designer.

Born in Angola, Paulo is an Active Duty Soldier for the German Armed Forces.

Raised between Angola and Europe, at a young age he discovered the taste for fashion.

Through his diverse trips around the world, he has developed and mastered his style and his sense of fashion. He takes his inspiration from the places he visited.

Paulo graduated from the Fashion Academy of Munich in Germany, where he obtained a Certificate in Fashion Stylist. He’s a certified Fashion/Jewelry Designer from the Learning System Institute based in Hamburg-Germany.

His mantra: “If you stop learning, you stop growing.”

 Polyglot, Paulo speaks English, German, Portuguese, French, Lingala, and little bit Spanish.


Paulo believes through your fashion sense you will gain the confidence to go after your dreams.

 “Fashion is a tool to get what you want in life.” -Paulo