"Say Goodbye To Your Old Style    Salute Your New Style"

"With a Passion for Fashion, I love to piece together all sorts of look from red carpet appearances, music videos, parties, galas, stage performances , television appearances, to professional photo shoots. My client consultations is a combination of current trends and the client's personal style. Loving what I do as a stylist, I'm grateful to work with new and returning clients as a chance to stay afresh with new looks for celebrities." - Paulo Domingos Manquele

As the most popular service, Paulo helps to decode your personal style formula with unique clothing, shoes, and accessories with you in mind. Paulo works with you to create your ideal shopping list with budget and does the shopping for you. This package also includes a closet audit, wardrobe shopping, outfit creation, and a look book.


With the personal shopper package, Paulo plans a shopping trip for your budget and lifestyle. In this package, Paulo teaches "Shopping Smart", consisting of lessons of Where to Splurge, Where to Save, and Where to Shop. Together you will cover all the bases of your very own unique personalized list of wardrobe essentials. With Paulo's guidance, you'll end your shopping trip with classic pieces that will suffice for years to come. The average shopping trips last 2-3 hours. 


Paulo will meet you and take a look in your closet for a wardrobe edit! During your appointment, the two of you will work together to stylishly vanquish your clothing dilemmas!
You and Paulo go through every piece of clothing in your closet, from shirts to shoes to scarves – even jewerly! He helps you choose what to keep, alter, donate, or sell.
The average shopping trip is 2-3 hours. Paulo can usually cover an entire seasonal wardrobe update in 3 hours or less.